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Welcome to my blog page =). As an up and coming Producer / DJ; you lucky lot will be receiving a lot of free tracks and mixes as I practically give all away for free, I will also be hooking you up along the way with links to Events that might interest you, so I will be on the look out for those, once i've successfully blogged a few random events maybe we will cross paths whoever you may be :-p thank you all for reading about and listening to my sounds

Monday, 30 March 2015

The Best Tech House Artists and DJ's

Being a Tech House artist and DJ it is important to have a good ear for those bangers that get everyone on the dance floor, it is also good to notice the Dj's that play great sets  as they perform great sounds, a sense of recognition feels great and like a lot of hard work has paid off so here is my first two Artists.

Here is a DJ's that will get your listening buds flowing. Starting today with a DJ from the Netherlands "Rubzman" who also played one of my  tracks out in a nightclub which is a first for me as an up and coming DJ/Producer. Yes of course im gonna return the respect by giving this DJ the first mention and not only that but when you hear this mix you will realise what a great performer he is too, check out Rubzman LIVE recording from VET! Netherlands. 

Sounds of DJ Corvus 2015

Friday, 27 April 2012

DJ Corvus UK

 I started getting into House music and Drum'n'Bass although House was the winner for the majority of vinyl I owned and played regular as a bedroom DJ.   From the age of 16 I practiced like never before to be the best I possibly could, raising my game year by year, day by day, mix by mix, thinking of new ways to push the equipment I used to its potential and refining my sound. Along the way as a Bedroom DJ I played online radio stations such as rapturetv.com radio4by4.com and thegzp.com and this I felt was very rewarding and on a scale got my sound out there to the online masses.  After 13 years of pushing myself as a DJ, I grabbed at the opportunity to play in London at the Brixton Jamm Club, I have Miss Raver and Stemfour (Promoter/Producer/Dj) to thank for this as without them recognising and supporting me, I would still be mixing in my bedroom. At the Brixton Jamm event I also met the amazing photographer Lamir www.lamirphotography.com who was also coordinated to the event by Miss Raver whom knows talent when she see's it and Lamir is no exception. I also have Stemfour (Producer/Dj) to thank for suggesting the opportunity at the Brixton Jamm, respect!

  Not long after the Brixton Jamm event, Miss Raver put me in touch with the hardworking Miss Crazy D aka DeeAfro DJ/Producer/Promoter Ministry of Sound/Karma (pictured above right). Crazy D totally amazes me with her dedication  and I'm so thankful she got me onboard with her ever progressing Karma Club Nights Djing at London clubs including the legendary Ministry of Sound. 

  I would just like to add a big big respect out to Miss Raver for connecting me with so many respected Artists and DJ's in the business. Big up Miss Crazy D and the Karma Crew, Massive respect to the crowd for your consistent support. (above pic taken with Producer/DJ Igness and my biggest follower Daniel Borawski nice one mate @ GZP event, InigoBar hosted by Miss Raver.